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The title is not a typo. This is in fact a new service offered by our very own KSRTC or to be precise NEKRTC. This service is exclusively for those travelers who are adventurous in nature and expect a surprise element throughout their journey. Some of its commuters have even gone to the extent of comparing this exciting service to adventure sports like roller coaster ride , river rafting, free fall etc.  Although some of the facilities offered are seasonal, nevertheless, the fun is guaranteed. And all of this can be experienced at a nominal fare! Being a regular customer of it, I’ve enjoyed almost all of the amenities offered. All of the buses under NEKRTC come under this plan. The buses running between Bellary and Bengaluru need a special mention, as they are equipped with the cutting edge technology to make sure, the passengers’ journey is truly adventurous. I was disheartened while traveling to Dharmasthala to see none of these facilities available. I hope KSRTC too implements it in near future.

Coming to the details of the Rajahimsa service, these buses are specially designed. They are just like the army tanks, robust from within but a scrappy look from the exterior. In fact they hide the exterior of bus by ill-molded and soldered tin sheets. Unlike other buses, the headlights of these buses are adjustable; that is, you can tie it with a rope, wherever you like. In other words, its not limited by manufacturer’s design. In the interior, to have some excitement, a lottery system is used and the winners get to occupy the seats which are actually stretchable i.e push-back. So, the enthusiasm is intact till you board the bus.

The seasonal offers available are Summer sleep, Rain drain and Winter warfare. Unlike other seasons, Summer sleep is comparatively less exciting. The default package includes the feel of a roller coaster ride. The bumpy roads rejuvenate your muscles and bones. If you are lucky enough, some of these jumps might give you a free-fall experience for a short interval, while you are retracing back to the seat from the vertical jump. Rain drain facility is available in rainy season for window as well as aisle seated commuters. While aisle passengers almost get a bath from the clear rain water(sometimes mixed with grease), refreshing their tired body from gloominess, the window seaters only get their bottoms wet. The Winter warfare is the most exciting of all. You almost get a war-like feel. With the glass windows vibrating vigorously between the ridges, and the cold wind blowing, they produce a peculiar sound of bullets firing in wind. Once, my dad was enjoying one of these rides, when the glass window oscillated so powerfully that it shattered into pieces! He was absolutely thrilled! These are some of the ‘surprise’ gifts offered to their faithful, daring customers.

Every journey in Rajahimsa is an action-packed thriller and I always look forward to it with great pride. Long live NEKRTC!