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The Chase

“You keep running after it until you catch it. Once caught, you surrender it to the Master only to chase for it once again. Why?” asked his consciousness.

“Because it’s not the Frisbee I’m interested in. It’s the running” said the dog.



The Beep

I could feel the cold sweat trickling down my temple. 29 years of service in anti-bomb squad and I’m nervous every time. The beeps grew faster as did my heartbeat. Being nervous, I hit it into pieces. That’s how my alarm clock broke.



I sing a song

I sing in smiles as well in tearsUntitled

I sing not to reach some distant ears

I sing not to please the one who hears

I keep singing till my voice wears

I sing my song for I’m born not of fears



Image Source : http://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/singing-bird-vector-300859