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Here I am..

Oh! Its almost an year since I posted. Surprisingly, I was busy. It was a hard time switching from corporate sluggishness to academic chores. The last time I swore I would never write any wretched examination in my life! was in my final year of graduation. Ah! such pleasant was the feeling then, freedom from all rat races. I didn’t even realize when I fell into its trap again! This time it was a self invited one. Now, that I got to the better side of it, I don’t complain of it. So, somehow I ended up at IISc doing my PG at DESE(formerly CEDT).

The total time I spent on academics in the past year might equal the sum total of time spent studying in B.E! It was here,that I became assured that an average man needs only 4-5 hrs of sleep(need not be in a single stretch too!). Although I am not a big fan of my department, I must admit there are quite a few brilliant faculty and peers who deserve to be here. Its been back-breaking yet eventful year so far with some amount of satisfaction of having learnt and done some things. Looking forward to being active in the blog.