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Millions of songs already sung

what can be newA_Singing_Bird_by_Monica494

in millionth and one?

If so thought the bird

and locked down its chord

Lives of us all

would be insipid and dull

Well, nothing is new

in the things that we do!

We aren’t here

for a novelty rare

For life is but a vanity fair


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I sing a song

I sing in smiles as well in tearsUntitled

I sing not to reach some distant ears

I sing not to please the one who hears

I keep singing till my voice wears

I sing my song for I’m born not of fears



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Angel of love

Out in our village, a story did rounds
that there lay something on the high grounds
There was a man some people claimed
who could achieve whatever he aimed
Was he a sage or a magician black?
His history was impossible to crack!
Suddenly it was heard that he died
and he left back a device on his side
The device could even transcend time
could carry us back ages, without a dime
Adventurer I became with a backpack stuck
to unravel the mysteries with some luck!
Lucky I was to unearth the device
and steal it from the dead for no price!!
Excited I was to travel across ages
Feel the times from history’s pages
I went back around a millennium ago
where life seemed calm, uncluttered and slow
Those were the times when angels flew
Spoke to humans and animals few
There I met an angel; flying above
Filling the hearts of people with love
I stood surprised with envy some
for why she abandoned us in times to come?
I asked her in anger “Why this betrayal?
What made you in future, not to prevail?”
She smiled and said, “I reside
in the hearts; which, love abide”
“Your angered voice gives me a sign
that from your heart I must resign”
“Your future has worshiped envy and hate
I had no other choice but to vacate”
I still remember the scene, when I kept on talking
But she never looked back, she just kept walking
This is a response to the weekly challenge #163 at speakeasy  where a video prompt on the device” was to be used and the work has to end with “But she never looked back, she just kept walking”

2014 LS Election – Whom to vote?


ना कमल को ना आप को
ना हाथ को न कोई छाप को
इस बार जीता देना उस बंदे को
जो साथ ना दे गुनेहगार को


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Daily prompt : I can’t stay mad at you – DESTINY

I'm part of Post A Day 2014


Feeding my ego
with successes few

Raising my excitement
by showing things new

You grant me in excess
till I forget You


Then You take them back;
with which my dreams grew

and whip at my back
till I’m reminded of You

Provoke me into anger
with pains which were due


You play me to tunes
only known to You

Knowing fully well that
I can’t stay mad at You!


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Carpe Diem Haiku : PILGRIMAGE

Pilgrimage. The act of walking from temple to temple is where the spirituality lies, on the road, in the questions formed, the information sought, without even the forming of hypothesis. Inspired by it, is the below Haiku.

Wandering eyes

stop at a flower



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Carpe Diem Haiku : EMPTINESS

Emptiness has always bewildered me. We all know that all matter is made up of indivisible particles called atoms. Each such atom ‘binds’ with other atoms to form matter. The surprising fact is that majority of content of atom is void i.e. empty space. Only a tiny portion say <10% of atom size includes the nucleus and electrons. So, largely everything we’re comprised of is empty space or emptiness!


Here comes the Haiku inspired by it.

Atoms fill the world

each atom,

an empty space!


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