The Tipping

[The below article is a random rant and is to be taken in a lighter vein]

Tips – The bribe we pay the waiter to not spit in our food.

Tipping is an interesting phenomenon. I’m very much curious to know how it all started. I mean, look at it. You need something. A person gives it to you. You pay the price of the thing to him. Then you pay him extra money for ‘giving’ it to him. The way we tip waiters, if it was not for hotel business, for any other profession it would amount to corruption.

“How much did that bald guy tip you?” “Let’s say I’d have a running nose the next time he comes”

Why should I pay you extra money? You did not prepare the food. Nor did you dress-up the food. It was already kept in kitchen you just carried it! We ourselves would’ve brought it, if it was not for the ‘No admission without permission’ board hung at its entrance. The intention of hanging it is to provide employment to you. The only thing you could be credited to is that you did not adulterate it.

“Can I have your order?” Yeah. If you could just stop fake smiling!

Also, what skill does it take? Oh I know you’d say “I have the menu at the tip of my tongue. I greet my customers with a contagious smile”. Really? Anyone who visits a hotel for a week would describe it’s menu along with each of its item’s taste and odor. Don’t get me started with the smile. Each muscle of the smile would be gauging the customer, “How much could this miser shell out?”. In this matter I would say, I would prefer dining a bad food with un-expecting face than a good food with a simper.

I would like to pay some money if I was convinced of even an iota of hard work displayed. But I see none. Holding a plate in hand, dividing food between friends and opening a bottle do not amount to work. I would consider them to be work if I’d done them at my home. I would be happy to tip the cleaning staff though, who actually clean up your mess and get much lower wages.

Come on. Get real. Don’t expect tips for your ‘hardwork’!


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