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Flash Fiction : Six word story

Here are few micro-fiction stories I tried.


Looking at Sun, he lost vision.


While quenching greed, honesty was sacrificed.


Cats survive on mice. So do engineers.


Singing he was, to deaf audience.


Followers are everyone, guarding their fallacies.


Building relations, only to be severed.


Helping others for one’s SELF-satisfaction.


Caged flying bird, imprisoned for life.


Stung by honey-bee, mourns for it.


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2014 LS Election – Whom to vote?


ना कमल को ना आप को
ना हाथ को न कोई छाप को
इस बार जीता देना उस बंदे को
जो साथ ना दे गुनेहगार को


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Daily prompt : I can’t stay mad at you – DESTINY

I'm part of Post A Day 2014


Feeding my ego
with successes few

Raising my excitement
by showing things new

You grant me in excess
till I forget You


Then You take them back;
with which my dreams grew

and whip at my back
till I’m reminded of You

Provoke me into anger
with pains which were due


You play me to tunes
only known to You

Knowing fully well that
I can’t stay mad at You!


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