Daily prompt : The IQ Measuring Gadget

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You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MACHINES.

I would like an IQ measuring gadget. Yeah you heard it right. I do NOT want a time machine or an Iron man suit! I don’t understand what fascination people seem to have with these. I assume mostly its because they think its sort of cool to say it or just that, it’s the maximum scientific expertise they’ve been told of. Moreover time machine is paradoxical in itself and would cause chaos if becomes a reality. And Iron man suit. I have just one phrase for it. “Comics are for kids”.

                                   Let me test your IQ before you talk to me..

Coming back to IQ, I know you would say, “Why do you need a gadget for it? There are IQ tests for the same etc. etc.”. I don’t believe in these fabricated tests. Infact I’ve given such tests and was surprised to get a low score. Knowing truly well that I’m an intellectually gifted person, it proves beyond doubt that there can’t be any fixed test which can measure IQ. Firstly, it can be faked just like any psychological tests which say what your nature is. Secondly, the IQ of population together changes with time, geography, environment etc. For example, our forefathers who invented wheel might’ve thought they were the coolest dudes. But, with the awesome internet, Kinect and Google Glass we KNOW that we are the most advanced and the coolest ones.

Now, why would I need it? Why else? to know how intelligent a person is. Sometimes we deal with people whom we assume to be intelligent. But they are intelligent enough only to hide their foolishness. How does it help? It’s very important to judge people by their IQ before conversing. This has double advantage. Firstly, intelligence is a precious resource which needs to be spent wisely. Moreover who knows, IQ might not be an infinite resource. At least its not proven yet. Hence we ought to save it. We might end up spending it too much on foolish people and mumble for words while talking to intelligent people. Secondly, the prestige issue. We must choose our company and the hangout group wisely too. Being with people higher than your IQ might reduce the your prominence. On the other hand being with too foolish people might make you appear fool yourself. So, its very important to choose a group with slightly lower IQ than you in order to remain a star of your troop. Its like the famous dialogue in Julius Caesar play, “I would prefer to at top among mediocres than at bottom among intellectuals”.


Daily Prompt : http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/daily-prompt-machines/

Image Source : https://manjunathkulkarni.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/d2f7e-head-measurer.jpg

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