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Carpe Diem Haiku : PILGRIMAGE

Pilgrimage. The act of walking from temple to temple is where the spirituality lies, on the road, in the questions formed, the information sought, without even the forming of hypothesis. Inspired by it, is the below Haiku.

Wandering eyes

stop at a flower



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Carpe Diem Haiku : EMPTINESS

Emptiness has always bewildered me. We all know that all matter is made up of indivisible particles called atoms. Each such atom ‘binds’ with other atoms to form matter. The surprising fact is that majority of content of atom is void i.e. empty space. Only a tiny portion say <10% of atom size includes the nucleus and electrons. So, largely everything we’re comprised of is empty space or emptiness!


Here comes the Haiku inspired by it.

Atoms fill the world

each atom,

an empty space!


Carpe Diem Haiku inspiration :

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Daily Prompt : INGREDIENT

I'm part of Post A Day 2014

What’s the one item in your kitchen you can’t possibly cook without? A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen — what’s your magic ingredient, and why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us KITCHEN.

Onion. The magic ingredient without which recipe isn’t simply complete. I feel its the best vegetable invented by God. Onion symbolizes many things about life. Why else did Carl Sandburg say, “Life is an onion – you peel it off one layer at a time and sometimes cry”. Only the realized souls know the value of it.

Onion is such a distinguished and respected vegetable that a news source agency of US has honored it by naming itself The Onion. No doubt it has seen pretty good success and going strong given the love for even the name of it. Comparisons are wrong but I still need to do it, to bring out the distinction the onion has got among its peer vegetables. For example many might’ve heard about the famous film critic site Rotten tomatoes. The reason its hugely followed? because it’s ‘rotten’ tomatoes.

Have you had your onion today?

Like every good thing on this earth has critics, there are onion-haters for onions. I can’t imagine why someone can possibly dislike it. They’ve even gone to the extent of fabricating quotes on the lines of the famous saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” to “An onion a day keeps everyone away”.  Agreed! they cause bad breath. From when did breath become more important than health and life? Moreover there are plenty of toothpaste and commercial stuff which claim to fight bad breath. Use them. In fact studies even recommend to eat onion every day

Yeah. Onion makes you cry. Tell me some fruit which makes you laugh. None. Onion reminds you of the pains of life. Is there any other fruit or vegetable with these mysterious powers? Why did God bestow such powers to onion? Because its ‘special’. Long live onion!


Daily Prompt :

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Carpe Diem Haiku : REBIRTH

The theme is to find back that what we have lost. The author illustrates one of the first exercises called The Seed. It”s an exercise to re-live the beginning of your life. In other words with that exercise you re-live your birth. Drawing inspiration from it, below comes the haiku.

With sleep we die

the next day

sweet rebirth


sweet rebirth

regained innocence

vibrant heart


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai inspiration :

Daily prompt : The IQ Measuring Gadget

I'm part of Post A Day 2014

You’ve been granted magical engineering skills, but you can only use them to build one gadget or machine. What do you build?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MACHINES.

I would like an IQ measuring gadget. Yeah you heard it right. I do NOT want a time machine or an Iron man suit! I don’t understand what fascination people seem to have with these. I assume mostly its because they think its sort of cool to say it or just that, it’s the maximum scientific expertise they’ve been told of. Moreover time machine is paradoxical in itself and would cause chaos if becomes a reality. And Iron man suit. I have just one phrase for it. “Comics are for kids”.

                                   Let me test your IQ before you talk to me..

Coming back to IQ, I know you would say, “Why do you need a gadget for it? There are IQ tests for the same etc. etc.”. I don’t believe in these fabricated tests. Infact I’ve given such tests and was surprised to get a low score. Knowing truly well that I’m an intellectually gifted person, it proves beyond doubt that there can’t be any fixed test which can measure IQ. Firstly, it can be faked just like any psychological tests which say what your nature is. Secondly, the IQ of population together changes with time, geography, environment etc. For example, our forefathers who invented wheel might’ve thought they were the coolest dudes. But, with the awesome internet, Kinect and Google Glass we KNOW that we are the most advanced and the coolest ones.

Now, why would I need it? Why else? to know how intelligent a person is. Sometimes we deal with people whom we assume to be intelligent. But they are intelligent enough only to hide their foolishness. How does it help? It’s very important to judge people by their IQ before conversing. This has double advantage. Firstly, intelligence is a precious resource which needs to be spent wisely. Moreover who knows, IQ might not be an infinite resource. At least its not proven yet. Hence we ought to save it. We might end up spending it too much on foolish people and mumble for words while talking to intelligent people. Secondly, the prestige issue. We must choose our company and the hangout group wisely too. Being with people higher than your IQ might reduce the your prominence. On the other hand being with too foolish people might make you appear fool yourself. So, its very important to choose a group with slightly lower IQ than you in order to remain a star of your troop. Its like the famous dialogue in Julius Caesar play, “I would prefer to at top among mediocres than at bottom among intellectuals”.


Daily Prompt :

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Daily Prompt: These Clothes Won’t Arrange Themselves

I'm part of Post A Day 2014

What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HOME.

Every household chore has a peculiar similarity. They are boring and nobody likes doing them. Its the same thing you ought to do over and over and over again every single day of your life! and you are not even paid for it!

But today I’ll focus the task related to clothes. Its a problem in itself at many different levels. I believe it requires a special skill  to maintain a clean and tidy wardrobe with well arranged clothes. Firstly, let me give an insight into the classification of clothes which forms the elementary part of our discussion.

Brand-new : Clothes bought and not even worn once. Clothes in this category gives a mental satisfaction that at least you have something to wear may a sudden situation arise.
New : These are the ones worn more than once but never washed. A difficult decision to make is to decide when it becomes ‘necessarily’ ready for its first wash.
Never-gonna-wear : These are the ones you’ve never worn and might not even wear in this life. The tricky part is you don’t feel to donate or throw it nor feel to wear it. The haunting question is, why did you buy it in the first place? Thats a mysterious well-structured conspiracy by all fabric manufacturers to fool us into buying these stuff.
Is-there-anything-better : This is the group which is always found lying helplessly crying to picked up. Everytime you see it, “Its fine but, is there anything better?”
Always-gonna-wear : This is the set which always is found covering you. Everytime you open your wardrobe and this is the set which pleases you. No matter how old or dirty it is, its a star to your eyes.
Ready-to-be-donated : This category includes all the old, cheaply gifted or presented-from-your-enemy kind of clothes which deserve to be donated and have no place in your cabinet. Yet it somehow lies there for years together capturing space of more deserving ones.  

Classifying them is least of the problems. The greatest dilemma to me is, how to recognize if a cloth is clean or unclean and at what pace this transition occurs. The cloth I’m wearing and watching daily seems to be ultra clean to me while onlookers complain of it. I console myself by concluding, clothes worn by anyone else seems dirtier than your own; which perfectly synchronizes with my impression of others dressing.

Placing them in cabinet is another ardent task. There always are clothes which form the bottom abyss layer where nothing penetrates for months together. Only the ones at top layers see the movement like the waves over sea. Gradually due to daily usage, chaos sets in and the arranged, well-ordered set becomes a pile of fabric. Slowly you lose a sense of, to which category this cloth fits in? is it new, old, washed, unwashed, mine or others’? Given the frantic lives of ours, we are forced to randomly pick up a set and be on the go. It seems a simple issue at surface but degrades our prestige and orderliness on a day-to-day basis.


I’m surprised why people haven’t come up with ideas to solve this problem. It forms a viable money-making venture for all you entrepreneurs out there. I even have a detailed plan to help consumers as well as capitalists. Why can’t we have stores just like banks to store our money? People give their clothes which can be well arranged and maintained by these cloth-banks. Whenever you just need walk-in and pick your own clothes and give them back after use. It might seem ridiculous, but this is how ATMs work right? It removes all the unnecessary burden of maintenance of clothes from our lives and saves precious time of ours to be spent in more useful tasks like playing computer games, watching TV series etc. I hope someone takes cue  from my advice and comes up with a plan to solve this perennial problem facing the civilized world!


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