Justifying junkets

          Its a widely growing trend to blame our politicians for every wrong thing happening on this earth. Poor public, what do they know? They just sway to whatever the news channels show. Who will heed to the honest politicians who strive hard to better their constituency? nobody but a fellow politician. Let me discuss the ongoing junkets issue by weighing pros and cons. Frankly, I see only pros and no cons. There were many interesting arguments on this topic which deserve attention. Let me elaborate.

Are you, so-called-politician-blaming-revolutionaries aware of the grave injustice being meted out to our MLAs? I was shocked to hear that MPs get 20 foreign trips in their term, while MLAs get only 2?! What does this even mean? I feel MLAs must go to court to ensure equality for all. Everybody must get 20 trips. This fact may even suggest that, MLAs learn in 2 trips what MPs take 20 trips to learn! i.e MLAs are comparatively fast learners than MPs. However many informed citizens have strongly objected to this comparison and accepted that they were no better and hence they too need many such trips.

I ask you people to tell honestly, is it wrong to take vacation? Are they not human beings? How much should they work for the people? After serving incessantly day and night, they need to relax and rejuvenate a bit so that they can come back with fresh vigor to serve you more. Moreover its not even a vacation, its a ‘study tour’. However I would still be happy even if it was just a vacation. Poor souls have to study even after going there. Have some pity.

​          As one of the MLAs rightly argued that, won’t children get vacation and holidays to visit places? Don’t we deserve even that? You can sense the deep feeling of being hurt  in his tone, which the harsh words of public have caused.​ Some so-called-intelligent public rebut by saying, those children go vacation by their parents money, not citizens’. My dear people, don’t you know that, all the politicians have always served you citizens. They look up to you not just as masters but their guardians itself. Now, everyone knows parents and guardians are one and the same. So, who has to give pocket-money for their trips? Its you, people! In fact I feel they must hold donation fund campaigns for the same. Even the money granted by exchequer is mere 60-70 lacs which hardly is enough to study 2-3 countries. What about the rest of the countries?

Some others argue that, our state and country is suffering from drought, economic bankruptcy etc. All these things are nonsense. First of all do you think all these problems will get solved any time? Always there will be some problem or the other. Should we always keep crying an worrying then? Moreover, why are you people forgetting that, they are going exactly to solve these problems itself. Now, you want to solve drought problem. For that first we must understand what is drought. To understand that, we must understand what is the difference between no rainfall and heavy rainfall. So, they are visiting the desert and rain forest. Next you talk about wildlife conservation, nature, environment blah blah. To learn about it, they have to witness the actual wildlife. They must understand how animals are living happily in the west? How do they play? How do they eat? etc. That is the reason why they need monkey and alligator zoo visits. Ultimately they will teach our local monkeys and alligators here, how to be happy and healthy. Does this not matter to you at all? Don’t monkeys deserve to be happy and emulate their counterparts from west? Is this not ‘development’?

Another argument is from all technical people that there is internet, web, video conferencing etc. So, we can sit here and ‘study’ all the things from other countries. First of all, its not ‘studying’ its just ‘watching’ which will serve no purpose. Experiencing directly is totally different. Suppose if tomorrow all MLAs tell, we will work-from-home i.e they’ll sit at home and see all their constituency by webcam, will you agree? Not at all. You people will say, they must come and stay in villages, sleep in huts etc. Why this hypocrisy? So, you know that experiencing it first hand is important but you don’t want to say it. You people are just jealous that you are not MLAs. That’s it.

          Every individual agrees that our country needs to be developed. Now say, to improve and be developed like US, they need to first see US! Without that, how can they image ‘development’? For example, to have great forest cover like in Brazil, they first need to see how are forests in Brazil.  Otherwise they think our forests are only great and sit quiet.

Critics also say that they must fund for themselves. What ridiculous argument is this? If an employee goes abroad for official work, who will pay for it? Company of course! Are they visiting places for themselves? Not at all. Its for the studying and betterment of our own country. There’s no personal agenda in it whatsoever. I feel most of them might not even be interested in going, but do so as a sort of moral-binding. Another reason I can state is, when they spend the state’s money they will have a sense of ‘responsibility’ and ‘seriousness’ which improves the performance and meets the purpose. In fact I feel, more is the money granted, more is the ‘seriousness’ and hence much more effective is the plan.

By now you must be totally agreeing with me, going by the solid points I’ve made. I urge all citizens to donate generously for this noble cause and make our country a better place to live in.

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