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(Inspired by The Local Tea Party..)

What achievement achievement you people will tell? What is that achievement? What, we should die if we dont achieve anything? Yes boss, I agree. Achievement is good, it improves science, maths, english etc. But, why you are giving so much importance to it?

See boss, you look at statistics. There are 6 billion people in this earth. Only some 1-5% people may have achieved something. What about others? They are like you and me. Why we should waste our life trying to achieve something and not enjoy anything in life? Ok, we should try once or twice. If it is not coming, we should leave it. Then only there will be peace in mind.

But our whole country people want to achieve. If they cannot do it means, they will tell their children, nephew, neice, neighbour’s kids and all to achieve. Our education system toh dont ask only. They are giving pre-KG training to go to KG man! What they will build space shuttle in KG or what? People are stupid only. Then they have this fast calculating techniques to give very fast answer for multiplication and division of big numbers and all. Seriously man? Go get a life! Our ancestors (or maybe chinese people), were very smart and thats why they invented calculator. Instead of giving money to that fast calculation teacher, you can buy two nice CASIO calculators and verify your answer twice. Why do you want to give torture to your brain by doing all these things man? Even in KBC Amitabh Bachchan doesnt ask such questions. He asks only general knowledge questions. No. But everybody wants their children to learn this.

Even after finishing KG, the kid has to suffer only. Every two weeks they will keep tests and exams. Then parents also they will call and tell, how much marks their child got, how much his friends got and all. See, they will light fire between friends in KG only. Arey, teachers get salary. So, they have to do some job. So they will conduct tests. Parents will be worried why the kid got second rank in third test of moral science in first standard. Arey, what is the hurry man? What, he has to become CEO of world bank at age 14 or what? He will understand sooner or later. Now you will tell, ‘What? He will understand after failing tenthaa?’. They have made this tenth standard like rakshasa only. What? If you fail tenth means, they will not give you food, water and house or what? Nothing no. It only means you have to work harder next time. But, no. People want success everytime at first attempt only. They dont have time no. They have planned everything in their kids life in age-wise chronological order just like their own life no.

Even if you follow everything they said, again every year they will repeat the same thing, “This year’s exam is very important. All your past efforts are useless if you dont succeed in this!”. What? we are Roger Federer or what to win continuously top titles? No, no. After class XII toh total messed up only. Nobody will know what they want to study. Bachcha fellows will think, ‘Why to waste my energy on choosing and all. Our class topper is intelligent only no. Let him use his brain power and choose. I will follow him’. That topper is another stupid fellow. He will see what his ancestors with his rank took an year ago and choose that. How this logic will work I dont know! If you want to buy a shirt, you will see what shirt your father bought at your age and choose or what? Now you are laughing. But you will not laugh while choosing branches. Arey bhai, every man is different. In that respect, even every woman is different. If two people get equal marks means they will like same things or what? No, no? Same like that only this one.

After Engineering also, people are following like sheep-herd only. Everybody wants to do GRE,TOEFL or do MBA. Even people who dont know full form of GRE also want to go to US and settle. Arey bhai, fine. You want to go, go and live there only. But, why you want to tell everybody, ‘I went there, I went here. I did this, I did that’. What? we should make a movie on you or what? People think going and studying abroad is achievement or something. What? normal people who are working in small jobs are doing sin or what? See boss, achievement is only state of mind. It is doing what you like to do and being satisfied with your performance. If suddenly some 20 people come to a chai-wala and he can prepare good chai for all in 2 minutes it is achievement only. If you finish your job well before deadline, its achievement only.

If you are unhappy that nobody appreciated your work, which you felt, is an achievement, then you are like a parasite only. Even if you make everyone pleased and get all awards and all, but still dont like your work, it is full waste only. It will be like ‘Good Will Hunting’ movie. Now, out of all this discussion dont take wrong meaning and all. If you want to achieve something try it. What I want to tell is, people’s recognition of achievement is not actual achievement. Telling ‘Winning Nobel prize only is achievement’ is wrong. Boss, I am not telling it is not achievement. Respect those great people for their hardwork and all. But, dont think you and I are useless.