Monthly Archives: February 2013

Song of Immortality

My first attempt at poetry..

Ages since the world formed
Times since the man ruled

Men have never ceased to hunt
for things that they despise cant

Some went for glory, some for peace
some fed their ego, to rule the race

But the mighty one, which thrilled most
was to immortalise oneself, at any cost

Darkness rose, Magic flourished
Skills were learnt, spells unfold

The scroll which took an era to be born
Was secretly disowned for a reason unknown

Those secret ways were long forgotten
their traces lost, evidence hidden

The passion for life, has not lost its toll
For people lose lives, in search of scroll

One such man, intrigued by the tales
put up his shoes, to height the scales

Immortality for him was not just a curiosity
It was passion, for which he dared adversity

Destiny placed, the scroll in his hand
An evil laughter crossed his mind

The scroll had a song heard by none
Singing it would make him, an undying one

There was a trick, which it did state
The singing had to be dispassionate!

The heart must be pure, desireless
of even immortality, till the song ends

The song was long, the challenge was strong
But he was determined to stay along

He filled his heart with emotions pure
phrased the verses, right and sure

By the time, the end was reached
the passion had died, darkness had fled

Such was the magic the creator dreamt
For a passionate seeker it was meant

The scroll still does lie on destiny’s behest
abondoned by its seeker, waiting for its next!