CID : The case of the mysterious blood – Part 1

There were times when I used to enjoy every single thing shown on TV with great enthusiasm. Be it comedy, drama, horror, cartoon or even DD News! I used to desperately wait for episodes of some of the serials like Suraag, Aahat, CID, Shaktimaan and others which appears ridiculous now. Although most of these soaps are stopped now, I still enjoy watching CID once in a while, which the Sony TV telecasts sincerely twice in a day, each of 12 hours(Infact Sony TV can be renamed as CID TV). It is the longest running investigative serial in India running for almost a decade. All of the investigators have become a household name now. Watching the way they investigate, with their all-famous dialogues, I felt even I could contribute an episode for them! Here it is.

(The scene begins with Fredricks cracking his nonsense jokes and ACP Pradyuman looking all serious, waiting for their next case to come and others enjoying their free time)

(The cell phone rings)

ACP(on phone) : Hello, kaun baat kar raha hai? kya baat hai?

Lady(on phone) : Sir yahaan ek khoon hua hai!

ACP(on phone) : tum wahi ruko hum abhi aate hain.

ACP : Abhijeet, Daya, fauran chalo. Kisika khoon hua hai.

As usual, ACP with all his super powers knows where the call has come from. The entire team reaches the spot within a commercial break. They enter the house and see a pool of blood on the floor.

ACP : Daya, yeh khoon ka sample forensic lab ko DNA testing ke liye bhej do aur pata lagao kiska khoon hai.. Abhijeet, Fredricks, dhundo dhundo …sare jagah ko achhi tarh se check karo…koi na koi sabut milega hi…criminal kitana bhi chaalaak ho lekin ek to galti karta hi he.. (to lady) Kiska khoon hua hai? Lash kahan hai?

Lady : Pata nahi sir. Jab mein aayi to khoon dekh ke ghabra gai aur aapko phone kiya!

Fredricks : Pata nahi?!! Hum kya aapko Blood bank waale dikhte hain jo aap blood donate karne ke liye bulaaya?

Abhijeet : Freddy, jaane do. woh bechaari sadme mein hain. (to ACP)Sir, mujhe lagta hai, iske pati ka khoon hua hai aur iske boyfriend ne karvaya hai. Aapko kya lagta hai?

ACP : Abhijeet, abhi tak to laash bhi nahi mila hai! har case ek tarah nahi hota! Har episode mein kuch naya hona padta hai! kuch samajh me nahi aa raha… ab to khoon se hi puchhna padega… chalo Dr. Salunke ke paas chalte hain… vahi pata chalega ki hua kya tha..

ACP : Dr.Salunkhe kya kehta hai yeh khoon? zara hamein bhi to batayiye..

Dr. Salunke : Boss! Shaayad aapka shak galat nikla! Yeh to kisi jaanwar ka khoon hai, lagta hai kisi desi suvar ki hai. Ab agar us ladki ke pati ka DNA sample mil jaaye to match karke dekh sakte hain.

Daya : Sir, par uska pati to lapata hai..

ACP : Ab kya karen? Yeh case to ulajhta hi ja raha hai..

Abhijeet : Sir, ek kaam kar sakte hain. Hum us ladki se puchte hain ki, kya uska pati jaanwar tha?

Abhijeet queries the lady and is surprised to find out that the lady’s husband is in fact human! ACP calls for a meeting in his chamber about the proceedings of the case.

ACP : Mujhe ek baat samajhme nahi aa rahi.. ki.. us suvar ka khoon uske ghar mein kyun aaya? aur kaise?

Daya : Sir, mujhe lagta hai, us ladki ke pati se iska kuch connection hai. Kyunki jabse khoon mila hai, woh lapata hai.

ACP : Abhijeet, is shahar ka chappa chappa chan maro. Pata lagao, is shahar mein aise kitne suvar hain jinka blood group us sample se match hota hai.

Abhijeet : Yes sir.

ACP : Woh suvar kuch aisa jaanta tha, jiske wajah se khooni ko use maarne par majboor kar diya. Woh suvar aisa kya jaanta tha??

(continued on CID : Part 2..)


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