Get Bumped!

Not every time does somebody go out of the usual course of doing things and try to do them differently. We never think of inventing a new technique of doing our daily tasks, however monotonous they may be. With a lot of advancements happening in Artificial intelligence, Computer Vision, 3D Graphics etc which mainly aim at providing a better real-world experience to the user; we can still see the traditional Desktop layout almost untouched by this technological civilization. You might have guessed by now what I am talking about. Yes, its the BumpTop. I’ve tried it and its quite impressive and promising. For those who haven’t heard about it, here is an intro.

BumpTop is a pretty cool 3D Desktop application based on Physics engine which lets you do most of the things you do with objects in a real world. There’s a tabletop in front of you surrounded by walls. Each of your icons on the desktop can be imagined as a book or a page on your table. The cool thing is, we can play around with them! We can pile up books and arrange it, scatter them around or throw them on the table and watch them fly to the corner of table. Once piled up, we can view the books as grid or flip them one by one fan them out. There is also a feature of sticking your Post-it notes on to the wall. There are still more cooler things we can do with photographs. So, say goodbye to your old, boring, crowded desktop and try out this really cool stuff which is available for free download.


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